2020, What the…

Film is where my creative energies went this crazy year. I had still been writing short plays, but there could be no plans to perform because of Covid-19. My beloved fiance, Mauri, was happy to help me record a radio play, The Meat That You Eat. https://youtu.be/Dp1eYlVyBtM

Then we filmed an extended ending to my 2016 CSI ABQ. https://youtu.be/SoRkAKtDIPA

The films got more bizarre as Mauri and I made A WARNING https://youtu.be/AeeTWSF66q8 and 91-DIVOC https://youtu.be/PSss4uXDH-U.

All three “films” were submitted to the 3rd Annual Madrid Film Festival (Madrid, New Mexico, the festival created by Joe West’s Theater of Death). CSI ABQ 2020 Extended Ending won Best Comedy.

Theater of Death also posted past performances at the Engine House Theater in Madrid. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbtHYfD46W71E7JGTtH2QUg


My short story “Bump” has been published in Gathering Storm Magazine, Year 1, Issue 5.  “Bump” runs with the theme Things that go bump in the night.

“You check the peephole again and still nothing. You have to open the door.”


Printed magazine


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